Operation Audits -Mystery Shopping

‘An evaluation and analysis of the total guest experience by means of mystery shopping by hospitality professionals’

During a mystery shopping assessment, we visit a property pretending to be a regular guest and assess the entire stay by using extensive checklists on all services and facilities provided.

From the guest perspective we are able to assess the service delivery as it actually happens. Due to our expertise and the high number of criteria checked, the objectivity of the Audit is guaranteed.

Through the checklists, we analyse all the findings, and provide you with a fully detailed report on the situation of your property. The report consists of all findings expressed in detailed scores per department expressed in percentages. The report provides you the most accurate view possible on the service quality in your property and tells you what steps to take next.

By translating all data from the assessments into detailed scores, we are able to inform our clients not only on the current quality of the operations, but also its development over time.